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Nido 1+ 400g

Nido 1+ is a specialized nutritional drink that supports your child's healthy growth. Scientifically formulated with essential vitamins and minerals, it provides 41% of daily Vitamin A and 35% of daily Calcium needs. Give your child the proper nourishment they need for a strong start in life with Nido 1+.

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Aquafresh Big Teeth 6-8 yrs

My Big Teeth toothpaste is a gentle, foaming toothpaste especially designed for children aged 6 years plus. It has sugar acid protection, provided by flouride, which helps strengthen enamel and protects not only milk teeth from decay, but also the new adult teeth. This toothpaste has a caring formula for low abrasivity and a child friendly mint flavour.

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Aptamil Stage 3 Toddler Milk Powder 800g

Inspired by 50 years of research in early life science, our team of Nutricia scientists have developed our new and improved Aptamil® Toddler Milk powder. Our new formulation is enriched with nutrients to support a toddler’s healthy start, with Vitamin D to support the normal function of the immune system and calcium for normal growth and development. Just 2x 150ml beakers a day provides 100% of the recommended daily amount of Vitamin D for toddlers*.